ADTP Standards

ADTP reserves the right to randomly re-test any applicant upon completion of the course. Random applicants will be prompted to call an ADTP 1-800 number where an ADTP representative will conduct a condensed version of the on-line test to ensure integrity in testing.

ADTP works with company regional safety managers to monitor ELDP Operators success and failure rates. ADTP, in partnership with the Company, will monitor accident frequency, turnover, and driver efficiency. ADTP reserves the right to disqualify any ELDP Operator who does not maintain the highest standards set by the Company and ADTP.

As suggested by industry standards, a Company Specialist will randomly test ADTP certified drivers for Company knowledge, driving skills, and professionalism. The objective is to evaluate the ability of the ELDP Operator to administer the comprehensive on-line course and train new drivers. The focus of the random evaluation is to validate the driving skills of new candidates. The entrusted responsibility of training a safe, secure, professional driver falls completely on the contractor or company training representative. 

The company reserves the right to disqualify any ELDP Operator or driving candidate who does not demonstrate the driving skills necessary to maintain the highest standards set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration and the Company. At no time can any individual train the new candidate without both ADTP Certification and Company approval.

ADTP will contact each Certified ELDP Operator by email on a monthly basis with a reminder to record the status and driving statistics for each candidate in the ADTP program. Providing this information to ADTP on a regular basis allows us to compile accurate statistics and develop verification of the program's success rate.