ELDP Operators

The first step to becoming an ADTP Certified ELDP Operator is to create your ELDP Operator profile and pay the $400 annual enrollment fee. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be able to access the ADTP training system by entering your user name and password where you will find training materials for the ELDP Operator Exam which you may take at any time. After you pass the exam, you are an authorized ADTP Certified ELDP Operator ready to train new driver candidates.

A Company Representative will contact each newly registered ELDP Operator.

Become an ADTP Certified ELDP Operator

When you have completed the ELDP Operator registration, you will be able to upload new driver candidates at any time. Simply log in with your username and password and follow the instructions for signing up a new trainee. You will enter their name and address, verify that they have met the initial driver certification requirements, assign them a user name and password, and submit their information along with your payment.

Attention FedEx Contractors

FedEx has announced significant changes to its driver experience requirements. Effective August 25th, 2014, even drivers with no prior driving history are eligible to be approved as FedEx drivers. These new drivers must be trained by a FedEx approved ELDP Operator. ADTP is here to make your organization that ELDP Operator!

Due to new FedEx PDL and safety requirements, as of February 1, 2010:
Behind the wheel time requirements for all drivers qualified through a PDL Vendor will increase from twelve (12) hours to eighteen (18) hours.

ELDP Operator Login

If you are already an ADTP Certified ELDP Operator, please enter your username and password, then press the Submit button to access the training system.