Curriculum Overview

Online Curriculum

Online curriculum focuses on the following skillsets:

  • Proper truck positioning, proper distance, proper mirror work.
  • Ability to conduct pre-trip inspection.
  • Ability to put the commercial vehicle in operation.
  • Ability to operate the commercial vehicle’s controls and emergency equipment.
  • Ability to turn the commercial motor vehicle.
  • Ability to brake and slow the commercial motor vehicle by means other than braking.
  • Ability to back and park the commercial vehicle.

Behind-The-Wheel Training

Drivers are encouraged to practice the following skillsets during the behind-the-wheel portion of the program:

  • Off-set alley maneuvers.
  • Serpentine maneuvers.
  • Parallel parking.
  • Backing skills.
  • Mirror work.
  • Training exercises that include:
    • S4 early morning set-up.
    • S4 safe work practices.
    • S4 security concerns.
    • S4 defensive driver skills.

Suggested Training Materials

Contractor Skills Evaluation Exercises